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Readings on Community (2011-12)

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The Transitions Reading Group meets at the start of the academic year each to decide on readings, film clips, radio or other media items to look at and discuss during the course of the year. In the 2011-12 academic year, meetings took place in the Arts Centre on the last Friday of each month. A list of readings and other media that were discussed is included below.

Readings 2011 -12: COMMUNITY

Peters, Cynthia (2006) Kinship Vision. ZNet. Available at: http://www.zcommunications.org/kinship-vision-by-cynthia-peters

Solnit, Rebecca (2009) Falling Together (extract from A Paradise Built in Hell). Turbulencehttp://turbulence.org.uk/turbulence-5/falling-together/

Lezaun J, 2011, “Bees, beekeepers, and bureaucrats: parasitism and the politics of transgenic life”. Environment and Planning D: Society and Space 29(4) 738 – 756 [will be made available before meeting]

2012 (dates to be decided)

Jackson, Tim & Michael Peter (2008) Community Action: A force for social change? Some conceptual observations. RESOLVE Working Paper 01-08http://www3.surrey.ac.uk/resolve/Docs/WorkingPapers/RESOLVE_WP_01-08.pdf

Sonnenfeld David A.  & Arthur P.J. Mol(2011) Social theory and the environment in the new world (dis)order. Global Environmental ChangeVolume 21, Issue 3 pp 771 -775 [will be made available before meeting]

Jasanoff, S. (2010) ‘A New Climate For Society’. Theory Culture Study, 27(2-3), pp. 233-253. 775 [will be made available before meeting]

Albert, Michael (2009) Building a Society from Below. Available at http://www.zcommunications.org/michael-albert-julio-ch-vez-noam-chomsky-and-gregory-wilpert-speak-on-building-a-society-from-below-by-michael-albert

Sassen, Saskia & Natan Dotan (2011) ‘Delegating, not returning, to the biosphere: How to use the multi-scalar and ecological properties of cities’. Global Environmental ChangeVolume 21, Issue 3, pp 823-834 [will be made available before meeting]

Harvey, David (2008) The Right to the City. New Left Review. Available at http://www.newleftreview.org/?view=2740

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