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Rapid reading


Kathryn Redway is the author of ‘Beat the Bumf’ (Management Books 2000 Ltd) and gives day courses – at least at Cardiff Uni – on rapid reading. Her ‘twelve easy steps’ to rapid reading – with my annotations – is:
The dynamics of reading
0. Read normally for 5 minutes – count the words
1. WANT to read faster (who wouldn’t?)
2. Use peripheral vison (we move our eyes much more then we need to)
3. Group the words (I focus 3 times per line of a standard size book, twice is possible)
4. Use a guide (much less tiring for eyes to follow a pointer – finger, pen…)
5. Practice high speed conditioning (read as fast as you can, don’t reread, don’t worry about comprehension – race!)
6. Moderate – choose a cruising speed (between 0. rate and high speed)
Assimilating non-fiction
7. Recap your knowledge (2 mins warm up jotting down what you already know, working from title of article)
8. Establish objectives (know what you’re looking for)
9. Overview – high speed, paying attention to what stands out: bullet points,diagrams…
10. Preview – reject irrelevant material (strike out with a pencil) those parts of the article that don’t relate to your objectives
11. Inview – read for comprehension – cruising speed rhythm, mark key words/ideas…
12. Review – make notes and/or mindmap

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2 thoughts on “Rapid reading

  1. Excellent! I am definitely going to try this out as I try to read everything I need to read this weekend!

  2. I’ll check on my practices, thanks for this (just replying to see if this works)

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