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2013 (1) Ethics of/in transition


Here’s the suggested programme for the first ‘semester’ of 2013, starting with Paul Cloke’s lecture podcast on Thursday 17th January, 6pm Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Restaurant level at one of the strange shaped 1970s tables…

– Paul Cloke: Postsecular Stirrings? Geographies of hope in amongst neoliberalism http://www.geog.qmul.ac.uk/research/centres/citycentre/events/index.html

– Paul Wapener on sacrifice (draft chapter, permisison pending)

– Simon Springer ‘Why a radical geography must be anarchist’


– Demaria F, Schneider F, Sekulova F, and Martinez-Alier J (forthcoming) What is Degrowth? From an activist slogan to a social movement. Environmental Values.

– And hopefully something on the ethics of population (control) – suggestions?

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2 thoughts on “2013 (1) Ethics of/in transition

  1. We read a few things about population in the Environmental Politics Reading Group last year, I’ll see if I can find them. Looking forward to the rest of these readings/listenings.

    • These are the readings we looked at: http://environmentalpoliticsresearchgroup.wordpress.com/2011/05/24/population-bombers/

      It was a very thought-provoking discussion which in part due to the dynamics of the group that day centered largely on gender politics, education for women, and the issue of developed world/developing world differences in population. One of the group members who had spent time in China also spoke favorably about the one-child policy there. There was plenty of thought-provoking material in the readings which we didn’t get to discuss so I’d be happy to look at them again, or we could use them as a basis to find other readings/listenings etc.

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