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Wales an Environmental Leader?


Shameless plug… I’m also involved in organizing this event. It’s open to the public so hope some of you can come. It has resonances with the Sustainability Transitions series and should be interesting for many. Details here:

Wales Environmental Leadership Conference


2 thoughts on “Wales an Environmental Leader?

  1. Have you read Paul Routledge’s work on imagineers? On quite the opposite tack to leadership, I’m involved in a project to gather life-histories of people involved in sustainbility (or not) transtitions (or not) – ordinary stories of failure, disapointment and marginalisation rathrer than the Rob Hopkins, John Seymour guru type stories. And I note that there’s an eco dyfi project gathering life histories of CAT people…

  2. Will look up the Routledge work.

    I tried volunteering, twice, to get involved with that CAT histories project, but I never got a response to my email, and the person in charge wasn’t around when we were there after the tour at the Sustainability Transitions event…

    There’s definitely at least as much to be learned from the failures as from the successes, and really both should be contained in the same narrative in order for it to really make sense I think. It frustrates me that there is so much to be learned from CAT both about what worked and what didn’t (and why) that would be so useful for the Lammas people and all others trying to do LID now for example, but that kind of knowledge sharing doesn’t seem to be there as such, not even at a practical level. Why? Perhaps this histories project will serve to fill that gap a bit.

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