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Reading Group tonight: Simon Springer on why a radical geographer must be anarchist

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We’re looking forward to discussing this reading this evening. Everyone welcome as usual, even if you have never been along before. We’ll be meeting in the Arts Centre at 6pm. The reading can be downloaded from the link below: 

Simon Springer ‘Why a radical geography must be anarchist’: http://www.academia.edu/2254767/Why_a_radical_geography_must_be_anarchist

One thought on “Reading Group tonight: Simon Springer on why a radical geographer must be anarchist

  1. I loved Simon Springer’s paper, of course. I love that this account of anarchism underscored its non-violence. And how it brings together all forms of domination as what anarchism sets itself againstt, racism, sexism, ageism and so on, not jsut class discrimination. But why isn’t everyone an anarchist? Does this political process simply need rebranding? Is it a case of having given a horse a bad name? One criticism of the paper would hinge on a touch of naivety about how difficult it is to practice direct action, mutual aid, prefigurative politics and voluntary association in a society dominated by capitalism, the state and hierarchy. Hello! there are no cracks in capitalism (Mr Holloway). Connectedly, I think Murray Bookchin’s differentiation between ‘lifestyle’ anarchism and political anarchism is important. Anarchism may start (and end) with the individual, but it’s a communal and political project – sorry process. Another naivety perhaps is attributing oppression to the inability of the oppressed to agree an alternative among them(our)selves. This ignores the multiple pressures on any expression of anarchism: a lack of critical mass(es) is not principally a failure of the masses to agree, it is a systemic recuperation of the masses into being the first line of domination’s coercive defence. If we are our own worst enemy, the question is how we are set and kept against each other. If this insurrection in everyday life is to hold out any hope of escaping domination, we have to make the process smarter. At present, for many of us, our everyday politics means the defence of mass healthcare, public education, public services… The space to move beyond defending socialism to construct a transformative anarchism is hard to keep in mind let alone practice. Still, on with insurrection, starting with imagination, and thanks to Simon Springer for rekindling mine a little.

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