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Visualising climate changed landscapes: A workshop

Friday 3rd May, 7.30 pm: Sam and Kelvin would like to invite you to an extra event to celebrate a very successful reading group season – and in truth to help us with our research! The gathering will be at Sam’s place and we’ll provide food – feel free to bring drinks to share. And please bring a friend, hopefully but not necessarily someone who might be interested in the reading group. Contact Sam to get the address sms10 at aber dot ac dot uk and RSVP to let us know you’re coming. Details of the workshop:

How do you imagine that climate change will change landscapes here, there and everywhere around the country and across the world? In this ‘workshop’ you will have the chance to bring you visions of the landscapes of the future to life. You can draw ‘before and after’ pictures or modify some the different landscape pictures we have rounded up. We also have a good supply of marker pens and crayons for you to go to work with. And if your imagination takes a turn towards origami, collage, sculpture or whatever, do please feel free. We hope that picturing climate change like this will make new connections with a science that may otherwise be hard to visualise. You can take as long as you like with your landscapes, but we anticipate the practical part of the workshop will take no more than an hour. Afterwards, you are invited to take a little time to share your images and experiences in the workshop with other participants. Without jumping to conclusions, we think that, as well as being creative and fun, the workshop may stir up thoughts and feelings that it would be good to communicate. If we wish to record or make notes on the conversation, we will check with all participants first. And if we use any of the results in our research, we will, of course, protect the anonymity of all participants 🙂

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