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1. As no one could make it, Sam and I have cancelled the Climate Changed workshop at her place on 3rd May. We’d still really like to do it with the reading group, but time is tight. If anyone really wants to do it, we’d need to gather a minimum of 6 people and fit it in before – say – Friday 17th May: We leave it to you to respond to Sam or Kelvin by email. The workshop is fun to do – as well as meaningful/useful for individuals and groups, we think. It’s simple enough to facilitate and would be a good ‘technology’ to have when working with all sorts of groups on climate change (and probably other issues). It takes about 1.5 hours to do comfortably We’re working towards an initial presentation of our method/findings at the Future Climate Dialogues Symposium at the Arts Centre on the 13 June, the exhibition part of which is free and open to the public http://www.aber.ac.uk/en/art/news-events/future-climate-dialogues/

2. We decided to meet again next month, so that will be Thursday May 30th, 6pm. (I am away on that date, but will contribute via the blog). The suggested reading is the Kilburn Manifesto (Chapter 1) , which is freely downloadable from Soundings http://www.lwbooks.co.uk/journals/soundings/manifesto.html.

Stuart Hall’s articile about the Manifesto:http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/apr/24/kilburn-manifesto-challenge-neoliberal-victory

If anyone has a suggestion for an alternative place to meet, the Arts Centre has been particularly noisy and acoustically challenging lately – how about upstairs at the Cambra or Y Cwps or maybe the quiet part of The Glen on the seafront?

3. Human population (growth) has been a recurrent theme from a variety a readings, and we had planned to read something and talk about it – there are some links to reports and videos already on this blog. I recommend Fred Pearce’s ‘People Quake’ as a starting point. Pearce argues, in a nutshell, that ‘the real threat is consumption patterns not ‘overpopulation”. I have the book if anyone wants to borrow it, but there is a good synthesis available in an article Pearce wrote for Prospect http://www.prospectmagazine.co.uk/magazine/the-overpopulation-myth/

4. Final thing, following our discussion, I propose we each personally invite 2 other people to join the Reading Group: We’re may approaching that black-hole of negative critical mass again with Carl moving to Manchester and other ‘members’ futures uncertain. And we’re maybe getting a bit too academic in our reading choices, or at least not managing to stimulate the academic/activist, town/gown border breaching which I think is part of our own unwritten ‘manifesto’?

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  1. I have invited people but I think we need to finalize where we’re meeting to avoid confusion. I suggest we give the Glen a try for the 30th.

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