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Hi, I wish I could have been at the meeting in the Glen – sounds like a good discussion. I emailed Soundings about the Kilburn Manifesto, making a couple of my ‘anarchist’ point but mainly just letting them know the Manifesto was being discussed. Here’s my email and the response:

From: Kelvin Mason Sent: Monday, June 03, 2013 7:24 PM

Subject: The Kilburn Manifesto
As the authors were asking for feedback, here’s a link to our reading group blog (the group discussed the Kilburn Manifesto last week).
A very not critical comment (from me), but the authors may be interested to note the continuing separation of the marxist left from social movements supported by the anarchist left (such as climate camp and occupy). Take for instance the pending People’s Assembly on austerity in London (always London!): Where in this Assembly are the voices of anarchist groups who arguably work most closely with communities hit hardest by austerity on a day to day basis? Apart from the age old debate about the state, the separation of the left hinges on two key issues, I feel: (1) organisational processes which are hierarchical versus those which feature consensus (dissensus) decision-making; (2) the need on the marxist left to have a single vision before an effective mass movement can be constituted versus the anarchist embrace of space for diversity and multiple visions in an evolving movement… I greatly look forward to reading the rest of the Manifesto.
From: “sally” <sally@lwbooks.co.uk>

Sent by: Sally Davison <lawrence.wishart@gmail.com>
Date: 06/04/2013 01:10PM
Subject: Re: The Kilburn Manifesto

Thanks for sending this in – it’s great to know that people are in discussion groups across the country, and are noticing some of our stuff. Sorry about things being in London but it’s where the editors live and we do not have resources for organising beyond our own locality.
I also take your point about the organised left expecting people to sign up to its analysis before alliance making.
At Soundings we try to be pluralist, and are in fact not in agreement among ourselves about everything. We are, however, just an under-resourced journal that sees itself as following in the New Left/Gramscian tradition, and we offer our articles for discussion by anyone who wants to – fortunately or unfortunately we are not in a position to be in the vanguard of anything! We are just one node among many on the web.
It is great to know you discussed the manifesto and please let us know of any further ideas and discussion you have.
best wishes
Sally Davison
Lawrence & Wishart
99a Wallis Road, London E9 5LN
tel 020 8533 2506

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