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Response from Stuart Hall

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Dear Kelvin,

Thank you very much for your message which Sally forwarded to me. I agree with the general point that this split between the left and the social movements has turned out to be an extremely damaging one. By the left here I mean the organised traditional left as well as its Marxist wing. I don’t know enough about the anarchist contribution to comment, though it is recognised that they have been quicker to recognise the importance of the social movements than most of the rest of the left.


Stuart Hall


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One thought on “Response from Stuart Hall

  1. Dear Kelvin

    Just catching up with the message you sent via Sally Davison. I couldn’t agree more. The split between the left and the social movements has been and remains very damaging. I wish we had said more about this in the manifesto and I hope to go back to it in a short piece I am planning on the GLC, which seems to me the last moment when the two sides occupied a single political space. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Stuart Hall (14/6/13)

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