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Conflict in the city

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Here’s an interesting political geography listen to whet our appetites until October 11th. Literally (correct, though now old fashioned, use of term) building conflict or conflict resolution/recognition into the city…

“With the majority of the world’s population living in cities, the security of the urban environment is more relevant than ever. Sara Fregonese (Birmingham Fellow in the School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences and the Institute for Conflict, Cooperation and Security) tells us about the research behind her book ‘The Radicals’ City: Urban Environment, Polarisation, Cohesion’ – ‘the argument of the book in a nutshell is that social conditions and urban environments shape each other.’ But just how does the city we live in shape the life we lead, and is it always for the better? And how do we shape it: Cadw Calon Aberystwyth, day centre v Tescos, the university and the Arts Centre, the new peace maze, white poppy ceremony, the former social centre…


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