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Reading Suggestion: making


How about a session on making and its transformative power? Steve/ Bongo and I have been meaning to write a paper on this for a while. We haven’t done that yet but we did write this post after attending a conference http://www.floweringelbow.org/2012/mend/musings-on-mending-mendrs/ .

David Gauntlett has written a book called ‘Making is Connecting’.  Seems you can get the intro and conclusions of his book from the website free http://www.makingisconnecting.org/, and videos etc

Also, how about combining with a practical session? As it happens we are organising our first open workshop day at the start of next month (9th November) – maybe we could do a reading group on Friday the 8th, or the following Friday to reflect on a visit? Details of the workshop and open day here: http://www.floweringelbow.org/about-us/monthly-open-days/

Also found a couple of papers, bit consumery perhaps:
Rosenberg, B.C. (2011) ‘The Our House DIY Club Amateurs, leisure knowledge and lifestyle media’, International Journal of Cultural Studies, 14(2), 173–190.
Watson, M., Shove, E. (2008) ‘Product, Competence, Project and Practice DIY and the dynamics of craft consumption’, Journal of Consumer Culture, 8(1), 69–89.

2 thoughts on “Reading Suggestion: making

  1. Great idea, Sam! I would love to combine reading and practice (the timing is not so good for me as we are away, but maybe we can do it with a slightly longer lead-in time – if you go ahead now, anyway, maybe we can arrange a second one?)

  2. I also love this idea. I unfortunately can’t make the 8th-9th as I have guests visiting, but would be able to make the week following or another date that suits others. Sorry I didn’t make the last one!

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