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Next Reading – Making is Connecting 15th November


Hi all,

It seems there is interest in the making theme, yay. I think we agreed last time we could meet 15th November in the Glen at 6pm.

If you are around and would like to come to our makers workshop open day on the 9th you would be very welcome: http://www.floweringelbow.org/2013/makers-community/first-open-workshop-day-coming-up-soon/

Otherwise, come another time!

So, if we go for the introduction and conclusion of the ‘Making is Connecting’ book by David Gauntlett, these are free to download off his website: http://www.makingisconnecting.org/  and maybe you might have a look at some of the videos and other things on that site. Also we have a little piece on our blog that might be worth looking at: http://www.floweringelbow.org/2012/mend/musings-on-mending-mendrs/



2 thoughts on “Next Reading – Making is Connecting 15th November

  1. Sorry – I will be in Leeds then.

  2. Excellent reading group meeting on making – we talked for the best part of two hours (we usually sort of dry up after 1). Good to have Bongo and Martin there with some fresh perspectives too. Making opened up a whole existential discussion that ranged through creativity, economy, authenticity, reproduction/copying/plagiarism, work/labour, epistemology, art/craft/production, subversion, ethics, identity… Much to much to summarise here. I’d be interested to read the whole of David Gauntlett’s book, especially the section missing from online conclusion ‘The political connotations of making is connecting’. And I’d like to explore the relation between the makers movement (big in Brighton, my mate Micks says) and other social movements, transition towns, degrowth, slow food…

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