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The future of public transport in Cardigan Bay

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Local Institute for Welsh Affairs even on 9th June in Aberystwyth Arts Centre from 7 to 8.30 pm. We could attend this and link it to a reading on sustainable transport – from the bicycle to the bus and Google’s automatic car…

Which reminds me, we really need a meeting to reconstitute the group, recruit some fresh faces and decide where we’re going at least in the short-medium term… We have that proposal from Peace News to discuss too – reading an issue and having a conversation with the editors… Anyone feel like proposing a date? How about getting it together for Friday 27th June? We could all do some active recruiting

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One thought on “The future of public transport in Cardigan Bay

  1. Did you go to this? I was going to suggest some readings on sustainable transport. Living in a city full of cars has made me think about this a lot. Maybe this is an idea for future reading? Let’s meet up soon, this weekend or next week and come up with a set of readings for the Autumn term and just keep it going somehow. Maybe we take the reading group outside for walks and drum up some interest through an event or two.

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