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Everyday Environmentalism


I had a thought about reading Alex Loftus’ ‘Everyday Environmentalism’  this term… one/two chapters at a time (rather than attempting to discuss the whole book in one sitting!). They are nicely structured around different theoretical approaches and connect with his research on water politics in South Africa – but there are clear potential links to a range of projects we might want to consider.

I am a big fan as I find he presents theory in a digestable way – I also think the focus on ‘the everyday’ and a social justice centred approach to environmentalism is critical for contemporary issues making his writing relevant to a whole range of struggles.

Let me know if this takes your fancy

Author: sophiewj

Lecturer Human Geography Bangor University

2 thoughts on “Everyday Environmentalism

  1. Can you remind me what we decided? Wednesday lunchtime in the arts centre… chapters 1 and 2 was it?

  2. This wednesday 1pm inthe Arts Centre Chapters 1 and 2 ( I am taking that as intro + C1 Smith & 2 Marx).

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